Great tips to look for when choosing a probiotic supplement.

What should I look for in a good probiotic supplement.

It is good to look for one that is high in cfu's and more than one strain. What is CFUs? CFU or Colony Forming Units - A unit of measurement used in microbiology that indicates the number of microorganisms present . It is a measure of how many bacteria (and yeast, because there are probiotic yeast) are able to divide and form colonies. It might be easier, to think of colony forming units as being a single bacterium. If the probiotic bacteria are capable of dividing and forming colonies then that is proof that they are alive and healthy. Our probiotics are High Potency, Stable and Live Probiotics

A reputable probiotic company will always do the following

NWC Naturals® Probiotics go thru rigorous quality control steps and inspections

What is the difference in Prebiotics and Probiotics:

Prebiotics are non digestible nutrients that are used as an energy source by certain beneficial bacteria that naturally live in your intestines. Prebiotics are sometimes known as fermentable fiber.ProBiotics Plus 12 has prebiotics for helping implantation the probiotics.

Probiotics, in contrast, are the beneficial, or friendly, bacteria themselves. By acting as a food source, prebiotics give the probiotic bacteria a chance to exert their influence. These friendly bacteria may have several health benefits, from aiding digesting to boosting immunity. ProBiotics Plus 12 has many different probiotics so they can implant in the intestinal tract in many different levels. One must take in more probiotics because stress, a poor diet, certain medical conditions, medications and other factors may decrease the number of healthy bacteria. Eating a diet that includes prebiotics and probiotics and taking ProBiotics Plus 12 everyday can help restore these friendly bacteria.

Probiotic bacteria in our bodies are essential to maintaining good health, as proven by many years of scientific research! Normally you have an abundance of friendly bacteria, but certain circumstances can lead to a depletion of these essential microorganisms.

Should I take a multi strain or single strain probiotic.

A multi strain duplicates the natural process of eating probiotics in your food where you take in a variety of lactic acid bacteria. So for general good health, a multi strain probiotic that has at least both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species is best. NWC Naturals® Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 stick packs have 12 different live stabilized strains with 40 Billion CFU's in just on sleeve.

Foods With Probiotics

Yogurt is one of the most common foods that can be easily obtained from nearly any grocery store. Make sure to read the container to see if the yogurt you are buying contains live active cultures. Always check the labels some yogurts do not have any live cultures and therefore offer no probiotic benefits.

Buttermilk is another dairy food that is loaded with beneficial probiotic bacteria. You may like the sharp flavor and thick texture of buttermilk. If you find straight buttermilk, not your thing, you might want to try adding some to strongly flavored fruit smoothie type drinks in order to get the excellent probiotic benefits of buttermilk.

Tempeh is another fermented soy food that is very rich in probiotics. It has a firm texture similar to that of meat it is used as a vegetarian and vegan replacement for meat. Since tempeh uses whole soybeans that are allowed to ferment to form the probiotic nutrients, tempeh is also rich in protein and B12.

Miso is a seasoning that has been made in Japan for many thousands of years. Fermenting various types of beans and/or grains produces miso. It is used for making soups and flavoring sauces. Popular types of miso include Shiromiso, or white miso, Kuromiso, or black miso, Akamiso, or red miso all are good for adding probiotics to your meal.

Believe it or not, Sauerkraut is loaded with probiotic bacterium. This might be one of those dishes that is good for the summer to go with all those hot dogs, great when grilling or camping. Sauerkraut is basically fermented cabbage. Another form of fermented cabbage is called Kim Chi, and is a Korean version of sauerkraut. It has a much stronger smell and is usually a bit on the spicy side.

Select cheese products also contain probiotics, natural cheese snacks which some can contain the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis and Iavarone Bros. Specially Selected Amish Yogurt Cheese (prepared with the probiotic live cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifid bacterium). Other good sources of probiotics include blue cheese and other aged cheeses.

Pro-Biotics Plus® has GRAS Status and produced in a facilities with GMP and certification.

One of many radio interviews with the naturopath John R. Taylor the author of "The Wonder of Probiotics"

John R. Taylor N.D.., the author of "The Wonder Of Probiotics" the leading authority of probiotics, food supplementation and enzymes has formulated Pro-Biotics Plus ® formulas, with the highest quality and efficacy.

John R Taylor Naturopath and author of The Wonder of Probiotics collaborated with world renowned probiotic expert Dr. Khem Shahani. Dr. Khem Shahani was a pioneer in the field of probiotics and is widely regarded as one of the world's leading probiotic authorities on their role in digestive health and immune response. NWC Naturals® is proud to offer this extremely effect formula Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 chewable and Pro-Biotics Plus® capsules.

Just a small preview from the book The Wonder of Probiotics:

Probiotics side effects and Precautions:

"Because everyone can benefit from probiotics, we thought we would include the precautionary information in this chapter. Generally, probiotics are very safe and can be used by most adults and children without causing any significant discomfort or problems. The most common side effects are constipation and flatulence, which typically disappear within a few days as the gut adjusts to the introduction of friendly bacteria and the rebalancing of the bacterial flora. These temporary symptoms are akin to the dust you kick up when you do spring cleaning: once the dust settles, you have a cleaner, more organized house. In rare cases, people are hypersensitive to some component(s) of a probiotic supplement. Make sure you read the label carefully before you take any probiotic supplement and look for those that have the fewest (or no) additives."

If you are pregnant or nursing, consult with your doctor before taking probiotic supplements. If you want to use probiotics and have a medical condition, make sure you tell your physician. Also talk to your doctor before taking probiotics if you are elderly or if you have a medical condition that significantly compromises your immune system (e.g., HIV, AIDS, organ transplant, kidney or liver disease).

Awareness of the health promoting probiotics took a huge turn in the 20th century and have been gaining in popularity every since. Pro-Biotics Plus® formulas are now available in easy to take capsules or chewable tablets. Adding probiotics supplements to your diet will help promote a healthy intestinal environment and help support our immune system.

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